At Shakti bioscience, we believe that we have a role to play in enriching lives through increased access to affordable healthcare of human and animals. We believe that everything we do, every single decision, every single product, every single process, every one of our moves impact the world healthcare landscape in some way, shape or form, and we strive for that for positive impact. Our beliefs have instilled in us a sense of accountability. We are accountable to our customers, our partners, our employees, our families, and the society at large. We are accountable to produce the highest quality products at affordable medications. We are accountable for timely delivery of products to the end customers.

As a purpose driven organization, we envision to constantly to take up new challenges, to be more innovative, more efficient, more responsible and more committed to the cause of healthcare accessibility. Be it Specialty Chemicals, Intermediates, Veterinary Products and APIs, we aim to lead by example in whatever portfolio we pick and to set new standards.


Innovation gives an organization its competitive edge. Here at Shakti Bioscience we focus on innovation across people, process, products and technology, through Knowledge sharing and cross functional collaboration.


We respect the trust our stakeholders invested in us, and the community at large.


For the sustainability of a Chemical industry, specially the pharmaceutical Process industry, Safety of the plant and personnel are of paramount importance. Hence we give utmost care for the Safety of the plant Assets and the persons working in the plant, ensuring Heath and Safety within safety and well being of the surrounding Environment.
All the relevant systems are in place for ensuring this objective.


  • Our vision is to become the most preferred supply partner to our customers worldwide.
  • We aim to achieve sustained growth through consistent delivery of innovative, customer-centric, world-class products.
  • To be a World Class, Research-driven, Vertically Integrated Manufacturer of APIs, Veterinary, Intermediate chemicals and specialty chemicals.


  • To ensure ‘Operational Excellence’ in all our activities.
  • To provide Excellent Customer Service on time.
  • To operate in a ‘Safe & Environment-friendly Atmosphere’.
  • To conduct business with ‘Integrity’.
  • To ensure employees are well trained, motivated and satisfied.